In vivo 2-photon image (0.4x0.4 mm)
Green: neurons; Red/yellow: astrocytes

In vivo 2-photon image of neurons and astrocytes
Black round: capillary

Whole brain functional imaging
during a visuo-motor task.

fMRI of cerebellum

Journal Cover Pictures

Cover of NeuroImage.

Cover of Diagnostic Imaging, December 1992.

Cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology:
a fMRI during finger movement.

Cover of Nature Neuroscience:
a Composite-orientation angle generated by fMRI.


Visuomotor functional MRI Study: Time-resolved single-trial fMRI was acquired in visual and motor areas during a "single" visually instructed, delayed motor task. Activation was observed first at visual areas, and later at motor areas.

Intrinsic optical imaging (movie): High spatial and temporal resolution brain mapping can be achieved by continuously obtaining digital video Public/Images. Orientation-selective functional maps were determined. Dimension of image is 6.6 mm in a horizontal (lateral-medial) direction and 8.8 mm in a vertical (anterior-posterior) direction. Dark or bright lines indicate pial vessels. Dark patches indicate activation sites corresponding to the stimulus with the specific orientation. When the orientation of stimuli was changed (see a bar in the left corner in the movie), the preferred orientations change smoothly, forming a “map” of orientation selectivity. The continuity of orientation preferences is interrupted only at the singular points (termed orientation “pinwheels”) where the domains for all orientations converge. Click here to view the movie.