Mouse Imaging of Alzheimer's Disease

Our approach to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) focuses on understanding the degeneration of the local and regional neuronal activity patterns that take place over the course of the disease using novel methods and appropriate animal models.


Project Summary

The impact of AD pathogenesis, such as the formation of amyloid plaque deposits and neurofibrillary tangles, on network activity is not well known, especially as it leads to local and regional changes in “brain connectivity”. We have engaged in a translational project that aims to maximize the information obtained from functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging (fcMRI) studies of neurodegeneration. This project has two general goals. First, validate that changes in functional connectivity measured by fcMRI are due to changes in local and regional network activity prior to structural changes and not due to other sources such as vascular dysfunction. Second, characterize the dynamic changes in network activity over short (minutes) and long (months) time scales to improve the detection of dysfunction in individual subjects.