An imaging facility of ~7,000 sq. ft. is located in the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine, which currently houses a 9.4‑T Varian MR system and a 3‑T Siemens MR scanner, both of which are dedicated to basic research. A physiology/optic lab, a chemistry lab, an electronic lab as well as human interview rooms are connected with MR laboratories. Importantly, the animal housing facility directed by DLAR is located in the same building. Other MR facilities are also accessible within Pittsburgh research community.

Optics Lab MR Lab

Optical and Neurophysiological Research Facilities

MR Instruments

9.4-T/31-cm Varian/Agilent Animal MR

3-T/60-cm Siemens Allegra System

Electronics and Chemistry Facilities

Computing Facilities

Other MR Instruments Available